Red deer (Cervus elaphus)

The best stock of deer in the world can be found in Southern Hungary. This is confirmed by the fact that 5 world records from 9 were made in Hungary. In 1971 in Hungary a lucky American hunter bagged the deer of his dreams with antlers weighing 17,4 kilos. This area has always had an excellent stock of deer. In the river-bed of Körös an 8000-10 000-year-old deer antler had been found which was awarded with a silver medal at the World Hunting Exposition in Budapest. Most of the deer live south of the Danube between lake Balaton and the Croatian border, in the counties Zala, Somogy, Tolna und Baranya. Rutting time of deer begins here in the first days of September. The royal antlers of prancing deer-stags weigh over 10 kilos. Hunters spending a week of their time on hunting can bag deer with surroyal antlers. If the hunters’ patron St. Hubert is gracious then hunters will have a rich bag. However, during rutting time not only deer with antlers over ten kilos can be shot. On the hunting-ground of Bakony or in the Pilis deer are somewhat smaller. On these hunting areas rutting time begins in the middle of September. What an adventure it is to lay low the old stag with 6-8-kilo antlers. Should you miss the opportunity to hunt during the time of rutting, then hunting our deer from November to January can be the consolation. You can shoot deer from shooting-stands, you can stalk them or shoot them from jeep or horse carriage. In Hungary hunters cannot wish anything that cannot be fulfilled if the hunting-ground and time are properly chosen.

I. South-West Transdanubiais the best habitat of red deer. This area is outstanding concerning both the quantity and the quality of the stock of game. Size of antlers: average antlers weigh about 7-8 kilograms and the antlers of a royal stag are about 12 kilos.

II. In North Transdanubia the stock of game is good, in some parts of the region it is excellent. The average antlers on the hilly areas weigh about 6-7 kilos, in the mountains 5-6 kilos. The antlers of the royal stags are about 10 kilos in the hills and 8 kilos in the mountains.

III. The North Central Chain of Mountains is a good head of deer of medium quality. Average antlers weigh 5-6 and bigger ones 7 kilos.