To the Attention of Hunters arriving from EU Member States! Changes from the 21st of December 2007

No physical check at highway borders. Hunters’ documents are not checked at borders any longer, however, the police of the motorway checks travellers randomly. Hunters should have a gun license valid for transporting their shotguns.
Documents needed:
Travelling Passport , EU gun Passport,  Invitation letter issued by Forst Hungaria Zrt.
Importing shot guns in the country: Hunters do not need a gun import license to bring guns in the country any longer. Guns may be transported only with European gun passport, as specified in the New York Convention.
Customs: On the territory of the EU there are no borders, thus there is no customs declaration, however, according to the process in the EU mobile customs officers can check hunters within 30 kilometres from bor  ders.
The same regulations apply to hunt organising as before. This means that hunters can participate in hunts under the condition of signing a hunting contract. Contracts are to be made by companies registered by the Hungarian Ministry of Economic Affaires. Furthermore, hunters should have a hunting license and a hunting insurance. Only hunters who have a hunter’s ticket valid in their country can sign a hunting contract. In the case of killing a protected animal, the hunter should pay the fine specified in the effective regulations.
Veterinarian examination at borders According to EU Directives trophies and bagged games are not examined by veterinarians. Trophies and bagged animals may be exported from the country only in case of possessing the trophy judgement card. Random checks are possible. To the Attention of Hunters arriving from non-EU Member States1. So as the hunter can obtain a gun import license he should present the following documents at the Hungarian customs: - passport - invitation letter issued by Forst Hungaria Zrt. - Hunter’s ticket valid in his own country 2. Hunters wishing to obtain a gun import license can enter the country only at the following check points: - Hegyeshalom (Nickelsdorf) – previous registration is needed - Budapest – Liszt Ferenc Airport . 3. Hunters wishing to export trophies to non-EU state shall present the following documents to customs officers at the crossing point where they leave the EU: - settled invoice - customs declaration - trophy judgement ticket - veterinarian certificate (signed by an official veterinarian). 

The order of hunting in Hungary

    1. To insure a successful hunt, hunters are obliged to follow the personal guide’s instructions. Hunters may only and exclusively bag games which have been identified and allowed to shoot at by the personal guide. In case of shooting a protected animal the nature conservation value will be included in the penalty to be paid by the hunter.
    2. The trophy of a bagged animal is the hunter’s possession, however, he will have to pay for the meat and the skin, if he wants to take them away.
    3. If a wounded game is found later dead, at the final accounting the sum of the fee paid for wounding will be deducted from the shooting price of the trophy.
    4. In Hungary, hunters have to submit each trophy to the judgement committee of the local hunting inspectorate.
    5. The judgement committee of the country hunting inspectorate is authorised to declare trophies with higher international credit as national assets. In this case the trophy will remain in the possession of the Hungarian State. The hunter is to pay 25 % of the price of shooting and receives a copy of the trophy.
    6. Hunters are obliged to accept 15 % tolerance by stating the trophy weight in contract. If the difference is bigger the hunter, the hunting ground and FORST HUNGARIA Co. shall come to agreement.
    7. The guest hunter is obliged to pay for all services given to him on the hunting-ground and for all shots which shall be registered on the shooting list and shall be acknowledged by the guest hunter and the leader of the hunt by signing.
    8. In accordance with the Hungarian hunting regulation each hunter is allowed to participate in the hunt with his / her own shooting weapon.
    9. Each foreign hunter must posess a hunter’s liability insurance before the hunt begins and each foreign hunter shall have a valid hunting license.
    10. All other points unforseen in the contract and its supplements will be regulated according to the Hungarian Law.