Forst Hungaria Ltd.Co.


FORST HUNGARIA Co. was established in January 2001 by four well-known state companies of forestry GEMENC, GYULAJ, PILIS and SOMOGYI. Our Company the FORST HUNGARIA Co. is an official place of registration for hunting on the areas of the above mentioned forestry companies and of all the well-known state- and private-hunting grounds. Forestry Companies GEMENC, GYULAJ, PILIS und SOMOGYI deal with game management on 400.000 hectares (1 hectare = 2.471 acres). Taking the inconvenient conditions into consideration, these marvellous hunting-grounds give shelter to an unbelievably rich stock of red deer, stock of fallow deer, stock of boars and moufflons which are of a quality that all the hunters in the world dream about. Merely glancing at these would-be-trophies during stalking or waiting in the hide in the Hungarian forests and plains makes the hunter’s heart beat faster. Plenty of magnificent deer, wild-boars, royal fallow deer and strong moufflon rams were bagged on these hunting-grounds.

As it has already been mentioned FORST HUNGARIA Co. does not only act as an intermediate between hunters and forestry companies mentioned above but between all state and private hunting-grounds in Hungary. So you can always reserve a hunt for roe bucks, pheasants, ducks on your favourite hunting-ground without any difficulty and you can also come to know new hunting-grounds as well. The beauty and charm of the marshes with groves and bottom-lands along the river Tisza and Danube, the hills of the forest Bakony the forests of the Danube-band the landscapes around lake Balaton and the distances of the Hungarian Plain where roe bucks, red deer, fallow deer and wild-boars tread their paths are waiting for you.