Live game

FORST HUNGARIA Co. deals with trading all the wild species and live animals both abroad and in Hungary. As part of our service we tackle to prepare precisely and quickly the complete administration emerging during the trade and to organise the transport.

Live Pheasant

It belongs to our main scope to trade with live pheasant baby chicks, raised pheasants to the age of 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 weeks furthermore pheasants ready to be shot from the age of 22 weeks. We tackle to deliver pheasants, may their number be one-hundred, to any part of the country. We can alter the ratio of one to one of the cock and hen if it is requested. Delivering exclusively cocks to be shot and hens to improve and enrich the stock is also possible. Pheasant eggs derive from the best breeding farms of the country. Their excellent quality is guaranteed by the assistance of raising experts working in this field for years. Mature birds are raised at the raising farm of the registration number HU-02-B-826 in Lajosmizse. 

Prices for 2014
  Middle of May, early July  HUF/ pheasant + VAT
Pheasant chick


only cock



Raised pheasant

6 week old (mixed)

6 week old (only cock)




7 week old (mixed)

7 week old (only cock)




8 week old (mixed)

8 week old (only cock)



 Mature pheasant Mixed  1750 (at the week of 15th october)
 over 22 weeks

every following week

only cock


2100 (at the week of 15th october)

  every following week +40                  
              Minimal quantity to order:  100 pieces. Over 1000 pieces will be delivered free of charge.


On our rented hunting-grounds several thousands pheasants have been bagged. Customers can get recommendations and information about our company from the entire territory of the country. We are proud of rendering our partners an excellent service. We cordially invite customers to visit our sales. 

Brown/grey hare (Lepus Europaeus)

Our company exports live brown hare to France and Italy with adequate trade security. We have always managed to sell our partners’ live brown hares and we hope to do so also in the future. Upon request we will also sell the stock of roe bucks of those hunting-grounds with which we trade to be bagged by guest hunters at lease-hunting.