Pheasants are the most spread game birds in Hungary. Travellers can hear their voice in the mountains when they move to the branches in the evening. Their habitat is the Hungarian Plain (Alföld). Pheasants prefer settling down in broad plains sorrounded by groves and streams. The most common way of hunting pheasant is pheasant bushing hunt with hounds. Beyond 10-20 pheasants one can shoot wild ducks if they happen to rise in the air and brown hare as well. The top of hunting pheasants is certainly the hunt with a pack where the daily bag with the help of 8-10 beaters is 2000 birds per 10-12 hunters. In the 1930’s pheasant driven shoot in Hungary was world famous. However, only few people know that the daily record number of those days was broken in the recent years. As for the hunting conditions, it is possible to bag 4-5000 games a day. Unfortunately, hunting groups use rarely these opportunities .

I. Regions in the Little Plain

II. In the Regions along the Danube the stock of pheasants is good. The average daily bag is 300-400 birds. Outstanding daily bag is 500-800 pheasants.

III. The stock of pheasants on the Great Plain is of outstanding quality. Average daily bag is 300-500 pheasants. Outstanding daily bag is 800-1000 pheasants.

IV. Regions in Szolnok

V. The quality of the stock of pheasants in the Békés matches the world standard. Average daily bag is 300-800 pheasants. Outstanding daily bag is 800-1500 pheasants.